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Nyheter 2020

Floods in Lapland are over and water levels are falling

Information provided by the ELY Centre for Lapland and the Flood Centre

The long spring of floods in Lapland is finally ending; it is time to remove the temporary flood protection structures shielding buildings. The flood peak in the Muonionjoki River occurred on Tuesday and in the Tornionjoki River on Thursday. At the moment, water levels of all main waterways are falling towards summer water levels and the weather forecasts for the near future do not show rainfall that would raise the water level again to a harmful level. All main roads have been restored to operational condition.

This spring of floods in Lapland was exceptional. Snow level was at a record high and the floods occurred later than usually. However, a long, dry melting season and cold periods slowed down the melting of snow and the floods remained below previous records. In many areas, the biggest rainfall only occurred after the floods had already started falling. In Kemijoki, the flood was unusually large, and in Rovaniemi, it exceeded the damage limit. Water levels in the Ivalojoki and Tenojoki Rivers were also very close to record heights. In Kittilä, the flood stayed close to the damage limit for nearly a week.

Thanks to extensive preparations, floods only caused minor damage. In addition to a few residential buildings, some recreational residential buildings and structures located on the shore, such as grill gazebos and warehouse buildings, were damaged. Some wastewater pumping stations in the Rovaniemi and Kittilä areas had to be closed temporarily. In Rovaniemi, the Kuusamontie road had to be raised in the Vaarala area, and some streets and cycle paths were closed during the flood peak. As a result of the floods, public roads were closed e.g. in Salla and Ylitornio, and the flood in the Muonionjoki River cut off the road between Finland and Sweden in Karesuvanto.

Monitor the flood situation

Up-to-date flood notifications will not be published early in the week any more; in the future, notifications will only be published when necessary. You can find the flood forecast and warnings map on the national (in Finnish) website. Forecasts are updated every few hours.

More information:

Chief Specialist, Water Resources Engineering Timo Alaraudanjoki, Lapland ELY Centre, tel. 0295 037 282, First [email protected]

Leading hydrologist Bertel Vehviläinen, Finnish Environment Institute (Flood Centre), tel. 0295 251 731 First [email protected]

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Monitoring the flood situation



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