Rural Development Projects - Uusimaa

A development project may involve: 

  • Training and communication 
  • Cooperation to develop livelihoods
  • Development of rural services and villages or non-profit investments
  • Local, regional, interregional, national or international

You can find out more about project possibilities from the following links

How do I submit a good project application?

The Project Manager’s Handbook, published by the Agency for Rural Affairs, contains instructions on applying for support, project implementation and reporting. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the handbook during the preparation phase of the project.

Aim to attach to your application as soon as possible all the information and attachments requested. Seriously incomplete applications cannot be assessed and thus cannot be included in the process of selecting projects to be funded. In particular, it is worth investing in the quality of the project plan and the accuracy of the estimated costs. See the following links for instructions and required documents

Project selection

Selection periods 

The Uusimaa ELY Centre funds rural development projects with funding from the Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland. Applications for rural development projects can be submitted at any time, but the applications are processed after the end of the selection period.

PLEASE NOTE: Project support selection periods apply to company group projects. 

The selection periods decided by the Uusimaa ELY Centre do not apply to the area’s LEADER groups.  The application procedures for LEADER groups can be found on each LEADER group's own website.

Selection criteria for projects  

After the end of the selection period, projects are scored using the nationwide selection criteria and the best projects are selected for funding. The application must contain sufficient information to carry out this assessment. The purpose of the selection criteria is to ensure equal treatment of applicants, better use of financial resources and targeting of measures in line with the objectives of the Rural Development Programme. The projects selected for funding are transferred for further preparation and, if all the conditions for support are met, the support can be granted and the project's application approved. You can view the selection criteria for projects here:

Online application

The application is filled in online via the Hyrrä service. The Hyrrä service makes it easy to submit an application, monitor the processing of the application, and browse your own application information.

The links below provide further information:


The activities of the project and the EU contribution to the project must be communicated in an appropriate manner. See the link below for instructions on using logos in information material, for example. The communication toolbox contains ready-made templates that can be used in project communications. 

Payment of project support 

The payment can be applied for based on the final and verifiable costs as approved in the support decision. Documents verifying these costs must be presented. The support may be paid in instalments. The payment of the last instalment must be applied for within 4 months of the deadline for implementing the measure.  

Instructions and forms for applying for payment can be found at the following address: 

Further information 

Business specialists at the Uusimaa ELY Centre 

  • Juha-Pekka Nikkola, juha-pekka.nikkola(at), +358 295 021 115 
  • Maria Konsin-Palva, maria.konsin-palva(at), +358 295 021 081
  • Siina Viskari, siina.viskari(at), +358 295 021 178 (company group projects)
  • Miia koivunen, miia.koivunen(at), +358 295 021 180

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