Rural Development in Uusimaa

The Rural Development Programme improves the conditions for entrepreneurship and everyday life in rural areas. The objectives of the programme relate to entrepreneurship, people's work and everyday life, and the environment. The rural development programme is implemented both regionally and locally through the ELY Centre and Leader groups.

Currently, a regional implementation plan for rural development is being prepared for the forthcoming programming period. A ‘rural probe’ assessment has been carried out to assist the development work.

Transitional period 2021–2022

After the end of the 2014–2020 programming period, there will be a transitional period that will enable seamless programme funding between programming periods. During the transitional period 2021-2022, the legislation, forms of support and instructions for the previous programming period will still be used, while the funds themselves will come from the funds allocated for the new programming period. Applications for structural agricultural support, business subsidies and project support can be sent at any time during the transitional period, but decisions on the applications will be made according to the selection periods. The ELY Centres evaluate the applications received in an order based on the selection criteria. Applications for support are submitted electronically via the Hyrrä online service.

Selection periods

Applications can be made at any time for project support, business subsidies, structural agricultural support, and start-up support for young farmers, but each application is processed after the end of the selection period in question.

The following links give details of these selection periods

Other news (links)

Projects funded under the Rural Development Programme

In our newsletters, we report on projects receiving funding through the Rural Development Programme. In addition, the newsletters contain a lot of up-to-date information on support issues and payment.

Payment of subsidies

The Uusimaa ELY Centre handles payment applications for rural development projects, direct business subsidies, agricultural investment aid and start-up support for young farmers. 

Further information on the implementation of the development programme in Uusimaa for the period 2014–2020