Rural business services at the ELY Centre for Uusimaa

Here you can find a brief description of the rural business services at the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Uusimaa. For more information on our different services, visit our website

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Agricultural investment support                        

Investment support may be granted to agricultural entrepreneurs for the development of the efficiency and quality of production, such as production animal buildings, greenhouses, grain drying buildings, underdrainage or energy production. A farmer, a body governed by private law or an association of agricultural entrepreneurs can apply for the support. The support is granted as a percentage of the eligible costs of the measure to be supported. The support may be granted in the form of a grant, interest subsidy, a state guarantee or a combination of these.

  • Tony Lassas, +358 295 021 091
  • Juha-Pekka Nikkola, +358 295 021 115

Startup support for young farmers                     

The startup support for young farmers may be granted to an applicant who establishes a farm for the first time and is under the age of 41 at the time that the application enters the process or to a body governed by private law that begins agricultural activities as a trade. Applications for young farmers' start-up aid are always open.

  • Tony Lassas, +358 295 021 091
  • Juha-Pekka Nikkola, +358 295 021 115

Business subsidies                                       

In order to diversify rural business, the Rural Development Programme supports not only farms but also other companies located in rural areas, both start-ups and existing ones. The subsidy applies to farms if they expand their activities to business activities outside agriculture and forestry. A prerequisite for granting the subsidy is that business operations have the prerequisites for continuous profitable operations. It is possible to receive a grant for investments and the costs incurred in launching new business activities as a company through a start-up grant, mainly for expert or consultation services.

  • Tony Lassas, +358 295 021 091
  • Juha-Pekka Nikkola, +358 295 021 115
  • Siina Viskari, +358 295 021 17

Rural construction projects

Consultation services related to construction investments in agriculture, business and development projects.

  • Markku Kuusinen, +358 295 021 087

Rural project subsidies                                   

Through project subsidies, it is possible to obtain funding for the development of rural business life and production opportunities as well as environmental work, for example through the promotion of training and cooperation between actors.

  • Juha Mäkinen, +358 295 021 110
  • Maria Konsin-Palva, +358 295 021 081

Electronic application

Applications for agricultural investment, start-up support for young farmers and business subsidies for rural areas can be submitted electronically via the Hyrrä system. The Hyrrä service makes it easy to submit an application, monitor the processing of the matter and browse your application information.

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Environmental agreements

Management agreement for natural and landscape biodiversity

The areas suitable for the agreement include traditional biotopes, natural pastures as well as areas peripheral to fields and forests, fields and roads, or fields and waterways, as well as forest islets on fields with diverse nature or significant landscapes.  Areas under the agreement are always areas outside fields. An active farmer or an association can enter into the agreement. Apply for the support with the form 253.

Wetland management agreement

You can apply for the agreement for a wetland area, a flood area or a managed land area under a natural channel as well as sufficient peripheral areas. The agreement may be concluded by an active farmer, an association or a corporation under water law . Apply for the support with the form 262.

Agreement for rearing native breeds

Compensation may be granted for animals of native breeds which belong to the farm. The animals must be pure-bred and used for breeding. Apply for the support with the form 218.

Please note! The decisions on support applications are made annually by the application decree. In 2022, support for the rearing of native breeds is not available.

Maintenance agreement for native plants

The maintenance agreement for native plants ensures the preservation of old species. You may receive compensation for the maintenance of native plants if you commit to the agreement. A native plant refers to a landrace plant or an old trade plant or represents a modified population of the old trade variety. Native plants may include grassland and forage plants, cereals, vegetables, beets, seed potatoes and oil and fibre crops. Apply for the support with the form 214.

  • Esme Manns, +358 295 021 101

Organic production

You can apply for compensation for organic production for a plant or animal farm and open vegetable farming. Apply for the commitment to organic production with the form 215.

  • Esme Manns, +358 295 021 101

Consultation fee                                             

Advice is available to all applicants for direct payments or support under the Rural Development Programme (farmers and associations). The advisors selected for the advisory system apply for an advisory allowance for their work at the ELY Centre.

  • Hanna Karnijoki, +358 295 021 067
  • Esme Manns, +358 295 021 101

Non-productive investments

You can apply for compensation for non-productive investments for the establishment of wetlands (active farmers, registered associations, water law organisations) and the initial clearing and fencing of traditional biotopes and natural pastures (active farmers and registered associations). Compensation for the establishment of wetlands is applied for with the form 195 and for the initial clearing and fencing of traditional biotopes and natural pastures with the form 196. Support for establishing wetlands can also be applied for through the HYRRÄ service.

Please note! The decisions on support applications are made annually by the application decree.

  • Esme Manns, +358 295 021 101

Payments of subsidies granted by the ELY Centre for Uusimaa

  • Leena Pesonen, +358 295 021 216
  • Taina Rönnblad, +358 295 016 264
  • Sanna Pihlajamäki, +358 295 021 132
  • Katariina Exell, +358 295 021 330

Contacts related to agricultural subsidies


Farmer support in Finnish and Swedish, farmers' subsidies, in particular compensation system for environmental protection and  compensatory allowances


  • Esme Manns, +358 295 021 101
  • Tobias Bruce, +358 50 396 3464

Matters related to entitlement to support

  • Hanna Karnijoki, +358 295 021 067

Basic support, greening and support for young farmers

  • Hanna Karnijoki, +358 295 021 067
  • Vesa Kaasalainen, +358 295 021 063

Complementary conditions

  • Hanna Karnijoki, +358 295 021 067

Interpretations related to the Nitrate Directive

  • Johan Sundberg, +358 295 021 463

Supervision of agricultural subsidies

Senior Supervisory Expert

  • Maria Saarimaa-Ylitalo, +358 295 020 91

Supervision of livestock subsidies

  • Henrika Taimiaho, +358 295 021 192

Seed, feed and field supervision

  • Vesa Kaasalainen, +358 295 021 063

Winter supervision, waste oat control, field supervision

  • Lauri Piltonen, +358 295 020 113

Field block register and field supervision

  • Juho Uusisalmi, +358 295 021 170

Field supervision and winter supervision in Swedish

  • Andreas Wiksten, +358 295 021 974
  • Cecilia Aven, +358 295 021 162

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