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Talent Coastline Events

  • Talent Café #5 – Meet the employers:  Vaasa and Sydösterbotten regions

    Talent Café #5 was organised on November 26th, at 16:00–18:00. During the event we got an overview of the business environment in Vaasa and Sydösterbotten regions and a closer look at five strong and innovative companies, their functions and talents: Gambit, Stora Enso, Hitachi ABB Power Grids, Kone-Ketonen, Wärtsilä. Also, useful tips for job search was provided during the event. 


    Talent Café #4 – Meet the employers: Jakobstad and Kokkola regions

    The regions of Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia are known for strong entrepreneurship and the largest number of companies per capita on the mainland of Finland. The export share of approximately 71 % is also exceptionally high. What are these companies? Are you eager to get more information of their functions and recruitings? Jump into our online tour across Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia! Our first stop is at Jakobstad and Kokkola. Welcome to hear inspirational presentations of these strong companies! The event took place at October 26th, 2020. 


    Talent Café #3 - Entrepreneurship

    The third Talent Café's theme was Entrepreneurship. The event took place on Microsoft Teams on August 20th at 16.00-17.30. International jobseekers have the opportunity to make their own opportunity and start their own business. We brought five speakers to the event, and each of them held a presentation about the theme of entrepreneurship for the event's participants.

    Perttu Kellomäki, TE-Services, had a very detailed and informative presentation on the TE-services for new entrepreneurs. Jarl Matti Anttila, Jakamo, was born in Norway and is a local entrepreneur. He gave an inspirational speech about what kind of team you need to build if you want to build a successful company. Francis Oyeyiola, YA/part time entrepreneur, had a speech about work life skills: knowledge, the ability to practice the knowledge, and the talent. Marcus Wikars, Auga Technologies, brought up some very interesting points: for example that it is important to build an environment in the company that makes people feel happy, not always hiring the most skilled people but hiring the people that fit the company best, as skills can always be improved with experience. Tommi Virkama, VASEK (Startia), discussed the process of starting a business, start up grant, financing, subsidies, taxation and light entrepreneurship, between the others.

    Talent Café #2 - Networking

    The second Talent Café was about networking, and it took place on Teams on Thursday, July 2nd.

    Jobseekers can find a new position often through their network. Moving to a new country means leaving behind a network of people and stepping into a blank sheet of new potential relationships and networks. We all know networking is very important when searching for a job. But how to do that?

    We had the pleasure to have three speakers who gave useful tips and advice on how to boost your networking skills: Shaima Abdelmageed, Business Solutions Manager, Kamilla Sultanova, Project Manager at Hanken and Johanna Kauppinen, Managing Counsel at Wärtsilä.

    Talent Café #1 - Job Search During Corona

    The Coronavirus situation brought many challenges to the workforce and business life of Finland as well as the rest of Europe and the world. Talent Coastline planned a series of online events called Talent Café. The Talent Café is meant for the internationals living in the Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia regions who are searching for a job, have recently been laid off or who are employed but will start searching for a new position in the close future. The first event took place on Microsoft Teams on Thursday 4th of June at 16.00-17.00.

    After a short introduction about Talent Coastline given by Francesca Cucinotta, Competence and Internationalisation Manager and Talent Coastline Manager, there was a presentation by Anna Korsbäck, TE-Services, about the current issues in the job market in Finland and the most updated information on employment trends, with useful links for the international talents, as well as advice on job search during the Coronavirus time, provided by Eleonora Matrella, Talent Coastline Expert. The event was facilitated by Narashima Boopathi, international entrepreneur.

  • Code the next chapter of your career and level up your skills through Code Bootcamp

    Are you interested in coding and thinking how to make the most out of your skills and enthusiasm? Are you looking for way to get started on your programming career or thinking new ways on how to boost your skills to the next level? By applying to Code Bootcamp you’ll have the opportunity to level up your programming skills and accelerate your career in the direction you’re pursuing – all this in just 25 days.

    Read more at saranen.fi

  • Webinar: Workers’ rights in Finland

    Time and date: Thursday 11.11.2021 at 17-18
    Target audience: Non-Finnish speaking employees and jobseekers. Professionals and volunteers working with immigrants.

    To register for the event please click here:


    The webinar gives you basic knowledge of workers’ rights. This will help you to make sure that you will be treated right and equally in Finnish work life. We will also tell you what to do if you face problems at work. For those who work with immigrants, the webinar will give know-how to guide immigrants in work-related situations. The webinar is in English.

    - Working hours and annual holidays
    - Wage and salary
    - Employment contract
    - Equality
    - Problems at workplace – What can an employee do and where to get help?

    During the webinar, you can ask questions about the topics above in the chat. The link to the webinar will be sent to you via email after you have registered. The webinar will be recorded, and the recording can be watched on this website after the event.
    The webinar is free of charge and open to everyone.
    The webinar is organized by the divisions for occupational safety and health of the Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI).

    Event web site: http://www.tyosuojelu.fi/live10