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Discover Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia Region

The regions of Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia compose part of the west coast of Finland. The area has a strong tradition of entrepreneurship and the largest number of companies per capita on the mainland of Finland. These companies contribute very heavily particurarly on the energy sector in Ostrobothnia, and in agriculture and manufacturing in the Central Ostrobothnia region. These sectors in the region have employed international talent extensively for making it possible to flourish which is also visible in the regional population. For instance the Ostrobothnia region is one of the areas in Finland that has a substantial amount of foreigners. Almost a hundred different languages are spoken in the area and the inhabitants come from over 120 different countries.

As a coastal region, Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia have a strong association with the sea which is emphasized by the extensive and unique Kvarken archipelago UNESCO Heritage site. However, further inland the region also consists of traditional Ostrobothnian flat landscape that is a characteristic of the wider Ostrobothnian area. The region houses a number of urban living centres that include a wide range of services for international talents and their families. A unique characteristic is also the bilingual population in the region which means that hearing Finnish and Swedish is not uncommon.

The area is international in its atmosphere also on terms of the population.  

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Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia pinned on a worldmap.

  • Kokkola is a vibrant coastal city known for its scenic landscapes offering outdoor recreation, and cultural events. Billions in industrial investments mean thousands of future job opportunities in tech, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. For more information about employment opportunities and living in Kokkola please click here (mykokkola.fi)

    Kokkola city view and a picture of a map with Kokkola marked.

  • Kristinestad (Kristiinankaupunki in Finnish) is a small town in the Southern part of Ostrobothnia region with a well preserved wooden town and with an affinity to its surrounding nature, especially with the sea. The town promotes a living atmosphere without stress and hurry. Kristinestad is traditionally known for its agricultural and woodworking sectors but is also subjected to the regional investments and thusly will offer job opportunities in the energy sector and construction fields. For more information about employment opportunities and living in Kristinestad please click here (businesskrs.fi)

    Water and some buildings, and a picture of a map with Kristinestad marked.
    Sara Bondegård, Studio Sara
  • Närpes (Närpiö in Finnish) is a vibrant small town in Southern part of Ostrobothnia with an environment strongly emphasising work-life balance. Närpes is known as a town for its entrepreneurship particurarly for its food industry and agricultural sector. Närpes also has a variety of opportunities in construction, metal and machinery sectors. Additionally, there is a high demand for workers in health and social services, ICT industry and service sectors. For more information about employment opportunities and living in Närpes please click here (workinnarpes.com)

    ​​​Two people and dogs are walking along a dirtroad. Picture also includes a map with Närpes marked.

  • Jakobstad Region (Pietarsaari Region in Finnish) consists of five municipalities: Kruunupyy, Luoto, Pedersöre, Jakobstad ja Uusikaarlepyy. The region’s local industry varies from boat manufacturing to food industries which require talents such as experts, productions personnel and higher education graduates. For more information about employment opportunities and living in the Pietarsaari Region please click here (jakobstadsregionen.fi)

    Jakobstad city centre from above. A map of Otsrobothnia with Jakobstad marked.

  • Vaasa is a vibrant international city with beautiful nature and sea at its doorstep. Here you can find people from more than 100 different nationalities.  The energy sector in Vaasa has been and continues to be the driving force of Vaasa and the nearby region with many working opportunities especially for engineers and experts in different fields. For more information about employment opportunities and living in Vaasa please click here (welcomeoffice.fi)

    Vaasa archipelago and a map of Ostrobothnia with Vaasa marked.
    City of Vaasa / Kimmo Makkonen

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