Paikasta riippumattoman työn edistäjä

Multi-location at work (Monipaikka) -project increases the productivity of the companies by promoting the use of digitalization and multi-location at work. When multi-local and remote work becomes more common it will allow companies with difficulties in recruitment to expand the area of recruitment while the worker need not to leave the current domicile.

Multi-local and remote work gives change for more flexible working conditions for all the workers and increases the well-being at work.

Companies have not recognized yet all the tasks which can be done by remote work. On the other hand, remote working is asking different kind of approach to organizing and management of the work. One also need good practices how to acquaint the worker from distance.

The project is studying with some pilot companies, how to extend remote work and recruiting remote workers. This project is not putting together the tasks which are naturally fitting to the remote working but giving more effort in finding actively new combinations for digital and multi-location working and this way opens possibilities for recruiting workers from other places. Sustainable remote working will also improve wellbeing at work.

In workshops and seminars, the project is studying how to develop the practices and procedures of recruiting, acquainting the remote worker and organizing the work.

Multi-location at work (Monipaikka) -project is funded by European Social Fund (ESF or ESR) and coordinated and conducted by Central Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (Keski-Suomen ELY-keskus).

Päivitetty: 23.12.2021