Accelerated pay security procedure of the bankruptcy estate

With the consent of an ELY Centre, a bankruptcy estate can apply on behalf of employees for pay security claims, which the estate administrator and pay security authority have determined are eligible to be paid as pay security.

The purpose of doing so is to ensure that it will be possible to pay the employees their severance pay within two weeks of the end of the period of notice.

Consent for an accelerated pay security procedure of the bankruptcy estate may also be denied for justifiable reasons.

The estate administrator must hear the employees or their representatives on the claims for pay security being applied for. The application must also contain the signatures of any responsible general partners or an account of their hearing.

The bankruptcy estate applies for all employee claims with a single application, to which are appended payslips and a summary of the claims. The ELY Centre will pay the total amount of the claims to the bankruptcy estate and the bankruptcy estate will pay out the claims to the employees and handle payment of the withholding tax and distraints.

  • The estate administrator must immediately send information on the initiated bankruptcy proceedings to the Uusimaa ELY Centre by email to [email protected].
  • Information on the person handling the matter will be sent to the estate administrator by email.
  • It is important for the estate administrator and payroll clerk familiarise themselves with the guidelines for estate administrators and payroll clerks before completing a pay security application.
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