Pay security

At the beginning of 2016, pay security matters were consolidated in the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre). The purpose of consolidation is to standardise and shorten pay security processing times as well as improve the efficiency of the pay security procedure.

The expected processing time for a pay security application is approximately 6 months from the date of submission.

Applications may be submitted by mail to the Uusimaa ELY Centre or email to Applications may also be submitted to any ELY Centre or Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office).

The pay security application must be submitted within three (3) months of the claim due date.

Pay security system

The pay security system ensures the payment of employee claims arising from an employment relationship in the event of employer insolvency. Pay security is paid for the employee's claims arising from an employment relationship, whose grounds and amount must be determined.

A pay security application may be submitted by the employee or the employee organisation, to which the employee has transferred the claim for collection. If an employer has declared bankruptcy, pay security may also be applied for by the administrator of the bankruptcy estate.

Learn more about the application procedure on the subpages. Please note that you may only apply for pay security following the procedure shown on this page. Therefore, do not use, for example, the website.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund compensates the state annually for the difference between capital paid as pay security and capital collected from employers. Pay security is collectively funded by employers through unemployment insurance contributions.

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