Development of education and training and promotion of co-operation

The aim of the ELY Centres is to ensure that adult education supports the participation of ordinary citizens in civic activities and working life. ELY Centres help to strengthen regional co-operation and networking in adult education between providers of education, companies and other stakeholders.  

ELY Centres help to develop upper secondary and higher education with EU project funding.

Planning, procurement and follow-up in the field of vocational education and vocational adult education

ELY Centres plan, monitor and develop adult education. They provide organisers of adult education with grants for working life development and service tasks and manage services aimed at developing competence in SMEs and coordinate procurement of employment policy training.

Enhancing the competence of teaching staff and developing study counselling

ELY Centres and regional state administrative agencies are jointly responsible for providing short continuing education courses that are intended for teachers employed in vocational education and vocational adult education.  Improvements in regional information, advisory and guidance services help to make adult education more effective and demand-oriented. 

Promoting culture and creative economy

Arts, culture and the creative economy have become increasingly important elements of regional development, competence and competiveness.  The aim of the ELY Centres is to help actors in culture and the creative economy to improve their competence, provide them with more employment opportunities and a better operating environment and to develop arts and cultural services.  ELY Centres assess the development of the operating environment of cultural actors. 

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