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Boosting Growth in Ostrobothnian Regions

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The Occupational Barometer is used to assess the demand and supply of labour and the balance between them in different professions and regions. The estimates concern the near future, i.e. a period of approximately six months from the moment of the assessment. Read more about the Occupational Barometer for Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia here.  

You can see more detailed information on the employment situation by ELY Centre region on the Employment service statistics by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.  

Read the monthly employment reports (in Finnish and Swedish) by the ELY Centre for Ostrobothnia and the valid work permit policy (in Finnish and Swedish) for Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia. 

The Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration compiles statistics on the promotion of integration and produces various publications. Check out the materials here.  

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