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Boosting Growth in Ostrobothnian Regions

Questions & Answers

  • You can begin your job searching from Work in Finland website that contains English speaking jobs from all over Finland. You can also use the website to search for jobs from specific cities and municipalities.

  • When starting to consider applying for a job in Finland you must first prepare your documents for the jobseeking process. You can find extensive tips for e.g. documenst needed for your jobseeking in Finland from the public Työmarkkinatori website.

    The public TE-live website gives you guidance on e.g. how to create a CV and a Cover Letter for a Finnish employer .

    Once you have found the job you would like to apply for and you have all the required documents and information gathered the website of the open vacancy will guide you on how apply.

  • You may need a residence permit for working in Finland or if you are an EU/EEA citizen you will need to register you right of residence if you reside in Finland for more than 3 monhts.

    For a detailed guidance on what kind of permit or right of residence would be required from you please visit Suomi.fi guide website.

  • The Ostrobothnia and the Central Ostrobothnia area has the second lowest unemployment rate (6,1 %) of continental Finland as of August 2023. The area is traditionally concentrated in energy sector and agriculture but also includes many opportunities in fields of constructions, services and healthcare.

    Additionally the area is expecting considerable investments in the coming years of up to 14bn Euros particurarly in the industrial landscape of Clean Transition.

  • The numerous actors in the area provide a wide range of opportunities and services for family members e.g.  

    Vaasa Spouse Programme is addressed to all spouses of full-time students and employees in schools and companies in the Vaasa region. The programme focuses on two types of activities: Living in Vaasa and Working in Vaasa. The Living in Vaasa theme focuses on networking & social inclusion and has the whole family in focus. The participating spouses take part in planning and executing the activities.

    Municipal Welcome Offices in Vaasa, Vöyri, Närpiö and Mustasaari provide information and service regarding living in their respective areas for families ranging from child education and family healthcare.

    Additionally you can find information regarding child education and healthcare services in English from most of the municipalities' home webpages.


  • The region produces a variety of possibilities to for matching international students with employers. First and foremost you should contact your own education institution's career services for guidance for establishing connections and to find out about projects directed for creating connections in the region's worklife.

    For example in Vaasa five higher education institutions have in cooperation established the Vaasa International Talents Program that aims to bridge the gap between the regions’ companies and other working life actors and the talented international people studying at the higher education institutions in Vaasa.

    Additionally separate municipalities arrange events for making connections in the regional work sector. You can find a set of these events from our event calendar for international talents.

    Be active with your jobseeking and participate in events and actions during studies.

  • Register as an unemployed jobseeker via the TE services. Use the Työmarkkinatori website for finding jobs and applying. 

    You can also use available services such as SIMHE (Study and career guidance for immigrants eligible for higher education) for possibilities with matching your skills with the region's employers.

    Lastly, be active with your jobseeking. Have your documents ready, find a suitable employer for your talent and contact them directly for opportunities. 

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