Talent Boost Summit 2022 – Towards a more vibrant Finland by boosting talent attraction and retention 

In 2022, there are 309 municipalities in Finland, the smallest of which being Kaskinen with 1 200 inhabitants and the largest Helsinki with over 650 000 inhabitants. Both of these cities suffer from labour shortage and aim to take measures to strengthen their competitiveness and promote vitality.  

The significance of employee attraction and retention is great as employers compete for skilled labour both domestically and globally. The situation can be examined from the perspective of an individual employer, but also more broadly – from the perspective of a city, a region or entire Finland. This is a complex system that emphasises both the employer image of an individual company and various innovative partnerships as well as cooperation across sectoral boundaries at local and national levels. Companies need the public sector to secure access to labour, and municipalities need successful companies to promote vitality. 

The Talent Boost Summit 2022 will focus on existing services and proven practices and how they can be used to strengthen talent attraction and retention around Finland. The theme is examined diversely from different perspectives and innovative views and solutions to topical issues are sought:  

  • What do Finland, different regions and employers look like on global and national levels?  
  • Which factors are emphasised when an international talent is choosing a place of residence and a potential employer?
  • How can the emerging factors be taken into account and made visible already at the recruitment stage?  
  • How can employers and workplaces prepare for diversity and become even more inclusive?  
  • What types of partnerships benefit both the employer and the municipality? 

ely-updated 11.10.2022