We use cookies to collect visitor statistics. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the user's browser and stores information about launching on our website or in the online services of the logged-on user. If you wish, you can change the cookie settings at any time through your browser settings.

You can block cookies or delete previously saved cookies in your browser settings. Deleting cookies does not make website more difficult to use. However, cookies must be enabled to log in to the logged on user section, for   example. When cookies are enabled, we also automatically collect anonymised statistics using Matomo online analytics.  

The service cannot identify the user from the data it collects. The data can never be combined with the personal data we receive in other contexts. The information collected has no legal effect on the user of the website.

Cookies for service operation and statistics – default cookies that are always active

Cookies are used to ensure that our online service works correctly. These cookies are enabled on our website.

These cookies are always active and are not specifically requested for consent. Cookies must be enabled if you wish to log in to our service. Cookies required for this purpose are session-specific, i.e. they are deleted when you close the browser. You can block cookies from your browser settings.

In online analytics, we utilize the Matomo  tool. Statistical data are collected, for example, on:

  •     how many users the site has
  •     on which terminals the site has been accessed
  •     from which web address users have arrived on the site
  •     which single page users have visited.

On the Matomo analytics platform, the data is collected anonymously and is not identified in individuals. The data is anonymised as required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): the last two segments of IP addresses are deleted, and location data is viewed only in general terms. Because information about the user is anonymised, it can no longer be used as personal data and can no longer be connected to a specific person by combining it with other data. Detection is thus irrevocably blocked. Users cannot be identified by IP or location.

Statistics collected from the Matomo analytics platform are never combined with data from which the user can be identified.

Matomo analytics platform cookies are so-called first-party cookies, i.e. the data is owned by the Keha-Centre and only available to the Keha-Centre. The data is stored in a system managed by the Keha-Centre. The data collected on the Matomo analytics -platform is stored for up to four years.

ely-updated 27.01.2021