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Here you can find information on recruitment services, pay subsidy, international recruitment, and work permit services.

Services and support

  • The Uusimaa Employment and Economic Development Office helps and advises on all recruitment issues, starting with creating the text of the recruitment ad. We are also happy to help in situations of labor shortages and provide more information about the possibility of wage support as a recruitment aid. Our business service number, tel. 0295 040 002, is available Mon-Fri 9.00-16.15.

    As an employer, you can also create a job ad yourself at any time in three different ways:

  • At Uusimaa Business Services, we help you find a new employee.

    In this chapter, you will find information on the different ways you can employ or how you can find a new employee. We are also happy to help in situations of labor shortages and provide more information about the possibility of wage support as a recruitment aid. Our business service number, tel. 0295 040 002, is available Mon-Fri 9.00-16.15.

    Do you want candidates for your vacancy?

    If you want to find candidates for a vacancy, you can contact the business service of the Uusimaa TE Office and agree on a candidate search. The terms of reference set out in the assignment include the criteria on which the candidates are sought and how the employer wants the information on the candidates. The service is free of charge for the company.

    For more information on the candidate application process, visit our recruitment services page ( (in Finnish)

    Do you want to join our recruitment events or organise your own recruitment event?

    You are warmly welcome to our free recruitment events, which we organise in collaboration with several employers and as individual recruitment events for one company. At the event, you will be able to present your company and find suitable recruits for your vacancies.

    TE-live is our new interactive recruitment and news channel, where employers and employees meet in a new, more interactive way. TE-live produces live broadcasts, and employers can present their vacancies and answer the questions of interested jobseekers. The webcasts can be viewed at any time as secondary recordings from our YouTube channel.

    For more information on recruitment events and TE Live, visit our recruitment services page (in Finnish) 

    Do you need advice on finding workforce and acting as an employer?

    Työllistä taidolla (Recruit like a pro) is a service that provides entrepreneurs with advice on acquiring workforce and being an employer.

    The aim is to help entrepreneurs to proceed in acquiring workforce so that any possible employment or other contractual relationships will have a good start. The service will be personalised based on each company’s individual situation and what is the best way to acquire workforce.

    For more information, visit the website of our Recruit like a Pro service

    Recruitment training will help you if you cannot find a skilled employee

    Recruitment training is a good option if you cannot find skilled employees or competent experts are not graduating soon. The training is workplace-oriented and tailored to your business needs. The training can also be planned in co-operation with several employers. The goal can be additional or supplementary training or training to prepare for a change of career.

    The employer and the employment and economic development administration provide funding for the training together. The employer pays 30 per cent of the total cost specified in the procurement contract.

    For more information about Recruitment training, visit our Recruitment training page.

  • Would your company have the possibility of receiving pay subsidies?

    The Employment and Economic Development Office grants wage support to the employer under certain conditions for hiring an unemployed worker. This means that an employer who hires an unemployed job seeker can receive financial support in the form of wage support, covering 50 percent of wage costs. For employing a person with reduced work capacity, 70% support can be obtained. In certain situations, an association, foundation, or registered religious community can receive wage support covering 100 percent of wage costs (up to 65% of working time). Additionally, employment support of 70% can be obtained for employing individuals who are 55 years or older.

    Wage support can be granted for employing an unemployed individual who lacks professional skills, or whose permanent or long-term disability or illness reduces their chances of obtaining suitable employment, or the person is a long-term unemployed individual who is 60 years or older.

    Although wage support is granted and paid to the employer, the granting always stems from the unemployed job seeker's need for services.

    Wage support is applied for before the employment relationship begins through the TE services' "My e-Services – Employer and Entrepreneur" located on the Labor Market Square ( The decision must also be obtained before the employment relationship begins.

    If you have a job to offer with wage support, you can notify us through My e-Services, by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling the number 0295 040 002, where you can also get more information on the subject.

    More information on wage support can also be found at:

  • Does your organisation need help in finding and recruiting an international employee?

    Experts in the international recruitment of Uusimaa TE Services will support you when you seek experts from abroad. We provide employers with free services and advice on matters related to international recruitment. 

    Contact us: [email protected]

    We will help you with: 

    • planning and implementation of recruitment
    • in the selection of a suitable destination country
    • in the preparation and marketing of job advertisements
    • providing information on adjustment services
    • providing information on financial support for international recruitment

    We provide you with access to the EURES services of the European Employment Service Network. EURES will help with recruitment and promote labour mobility in the EU/EEA and Switzerland by providing a comprehensive range of services and skills to support employers and jobseekers.

    Examples of our services:

    Finland Works Online recruitment events

    The popular Finland Works Online recruitment events are organised 3-4 times a year, and they provide an efficient and free channel for virtual encounters with international talents in Europe.

    Targeted Mobility Scheme - financial aid for recruiting

    Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) -project facilitates the recruitment of experts from another EU country, Norway or Iceland, with the help of financial support. The project is coordinated by the Swedish Employment Services together with the EURES network. The amount of support granted to the employer is determined based on the extent of the induction offered to the new employee. For an employer located in Finland, the amount of support is 1,390–1,750 euros per recruited employee.

    Read more: EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme (

    Language training in workplace Finnish or Swedish

    Customised language training for international employees, where the employer's contribution is 20-50 per cent of the total price specified in the procurement agreement, depending on the size of the company and the balance sheet or turnover.

    See more:

    International House Helsinki and entry services

    IHH International Recruitment assists in finding international workers, provides information on services supporting the settlement of the worker and their family members, and introduces various financing options. IHH International Recruitment supports the entire process. We help you get acquainted with recruitment from abroad and from local applicant pools to increase the workforce. IHH also offers most of the initial authority and advisory services needed by immigrants and facilitates the settlement of those moving from abroad to the capital region.

    Read more: Employers - International House Helsinki (

    Work in Finland makes international recruitment easier

    The Work in Finland -website brings together all the most important international recruitment services and networks for employers and employees moving to Finland. Work in Finland - counseling service offers personal counseling and helps with questions related to the recruitment of foreign labor. Check out current services: For employers - Work in Finland

  • An employee who is a non-EU country, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland citizen usually needs either an employee's residence permit or another residence permit entitling gainful employment. 

    • Other permit types include a residence permit for a family member or a student's residence permit (under the jurisdiction of the Finnish Immigration Service).

    • The residence permit of another country or, for example, the EU long term residence permit does not entitle you to work in Finland.

    Under the Aliens Act, an employee's residence permit mainly entitles them to work in one or more professions. The foundation of the professional sector-specific approach are labour and occupational safety and health policy.

    An employee's residence permit may also be employer-specific (posted worker, employee does not live in Finland).

    Sending an application

    An application for a residence permit for the first residence permit and an extension permit for an employed person may only be submitted by the applicant in person (Enter Finland, Finnish diplomatic mission, Finnish Immigration Service).

    Paper application in a diplomatic mission or immigration agency: Residence permit application form (OLE_TY1 form (pdf)), in Finnish

    EnterFinland: An electronic application, but the applicant must be personally identified at the mission or in Migri (usually only in connection with the first residence permit application).

    Initiating an application and the employer's appendices to the application

    The employer participates in the application by filling in the form required as an attachment to the application (Working conditions -form ( (pdf)), which is submitted to the employee for attachment to the actual application.

    The employer can use the Enter Finland service, for example, to monitor the status of an employee's residence permit application, send documents related to the application and pay a processing fee on behalf of the employee. You can also respond to any requests for further clarification from the TE Office through Enter Finland and fill in the Working conditions -form.

    The employee's residence permit is processed nationwide without regional permit restrictions. In Åland, applications are processed by the Åland Labor Market and Study Services Agency.

    Reporting a foreign employee

    The employer must report a foreign employee when the employer hires an employee who is not a citizen of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland. The reporting is not necessary if the employee is a family member of an EU/EEA or Swiss citizen.

    The notification is submitted electronically in the previously mentioned employer Enter Finland service,

    If necessary, the notification can also be submitted by sending a TEM-055 ( attachment form and a copy of the employee's passport or residence permit card to the TE Office.

    Contact information

    Work permit services: 02 950 40019 ( 9–11)

    E-mail: [email protected]

  • Työkanava Oy is a state-owned company that employs the most disadvantaged part-time workers. The company hires workers under an employment contract and provides their labor to its customers, which can be businesses, organizations, public entities, and private individuals in need of employees.

    If you are an employer, Työkanava can sell you subcontracting services produced by its part-time workers. You can also rent labor. Hiring an individual through Työkanava and other terms of employment are determined in accordance with labor legislation and the applicable collective agreement. Työkanava is responsible for supervising and orienting its workers at their workplaces.


    Lisätietoja löydät For more information, please visit Työkanava's website (

  • The task of a work ability coordinator is to establish practices and an operating model to advance the situation of part-time job seekers and employees. The coordinator conducts targeted and developmental collaboration with employers and other regional networks.

    The work ability coordinator can help you find solutions to your organization's labor shortage and offers the option of hiring part-time job seekers. The coordinator assists you in understanding the possibilities of employing part-time job seekers and suitable job tasks for them.

    In addition, the work ability coordinator informs employers about various support services related to the employment of partially able workers.


    You can find the contact details of the work ability coordinators here ( (in Finnish)

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