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Situations of change

Companies encounter many change situations during their lifecycle. As a result of rapid growth, skilled workforce and training are needed, and as the activities reduce, expert assistance may be needed for adaptation. A change of ownership is also a topical issue for many entrepreneurs. We and our partners will help you plan and implement the change.


Is your company expanding or reducing? Changes in ownership?

  • Personnel reductions and change security

    If your company starts a change situation that may lead to staff reductions or lay-offs, you will receive free personal advice from the change security experts of the Uusimaa TE Office. If necessary, we will also provide the personnel with information on change security, unemployment security, job search, procedures with the TE administration and other matters related to the situation, as separately agreed.

    Contact a change security specialist!

    You can best contact the change security specialist at the Uusimaa TE Office by email. Please, remember that in the Uusimaa region, proposals for co-operation and change negotiations and information on lay-offs are sent to: [email protected]

    For more information on the employer's change security services, visit the TE Office website


    Change Security for 55-year-olds

    A new extended change security has been established for employees aged 55 and over, aimed at promoting their rapid employment and improving their position in the labor market. According to the Employment Contracts Act, the employer has an obligation to inform the employee of their right to change security for those aged 55 and over. This obligation applies to all employers. The employer's other obligations in change situations remain unchanged.

    Who is entitled to the change security for 55-year-olds?

    A dismissed employee must meet the following conditions:

    • They have turned 55 at the latest on the dismissal date

    • Their employment contract has been terminated for production and economic reasons on January 1, 2023, or later

    • They have been in the service of the same employer for at least 5 years with a maximum interruption of 30 days

    • They have registered as a jobseeker with the Employment Office within 60 days of dismissal

    What is included in the change security for 55-year-olds?

    • Change security allowance

    • Change security training

    • Employment leave lasting 5, 15, or 25 days

    The change security allowance corresponds to the employee's average one-month salary. The unemployment benefit payer, either the unemployment fund or Kela, pays the change security allowance. The dismissed employee must apply for the change security allowance from their payer within three months of the end of the employment relationship.

    The value of the change security training corresponds to approximately two months' salary. Participation in the training is voluntary.

    The dismissed employee will agree on the training with the Employment Office, and it must promote rapid employment and the employee's professional or business-related readiness. The training is acquired by either the ELY Centre or the Employment Office.

    The employer's obligation is to inform the dismissed employee who meets the conditions of their rights.

    The new change security for 55-year-olds is financed through the Employment Fund with a change security payment, which consists of the dismissing employer's share and a joint share.

    The joint share is financed by raising the unemployment insurance payment from all employers. A separate change security payment applies to the employer if:

    • It terminates an employee for production and economic reasons who has turned 55 at the latest on the dismissal date and has been in the service of the dismissing employer for at least 5 years with a maximum interruption of 30 days
    • Its unemployment benefit-related payroll exceeds the set lower limit for it in the year preceding the employee's dismissal More information on the change security payment can be found on the Employment Fund's website (

    You can get advice and guidance on the reform of the change security for 55-year-olds from the experts at the Employment Office (

    You can find the contact information for the change security expert at your local Employment Office here ( (in Finnish)


    Being laid off means that the employer temporarily suspends contractual work and the employee’s salary. During the lay-off period, the employment relationship will otherwise remain valid.

    For more information on lay-offs, visit the JobMarket website (

    Redirecting and developing business

    The Kasvuväylä service of the Uusimaa TE Office assists companies in developing and redirecting their business in situations of change. Kasvuväylä is a free expert services and it is aimed at entrepreneurs and companies and can help you move forward whatever your specific business development needs.

  • In March 2021, a two-year Uudenmaan omistajanvaihdoshanke project began. Its aim is to activate changes of ownership, including acquisitions and generational changes. According to the SME barometer, over the next five years, 28 per cent of SMEs will plan ownership transfers in their operating environment. This means more than 20,000 companies in the Uusimaa region. The project supports and advises companies on the planning of changes of ownership, so that a successor to profitable activities can be found more often. The project involves the cities of Espoo, Helsinki and Vantaa, regional organisations of entrepreneurs and business partners Magnussonlaw, Yrityspörssi and Suomen yrityskaupat. 

  • Financial assistance for entrepreneurs is a national service package that provides assistance and advice to SMEs and companies in financial and payment difficulties. The service consists of a national telephone and online service, and regional services supporting them. Contacts are addressed by trained, experienced specialists and discussions with them are strictly confidential.

    You can get started by calling or submitting a contact request via the form. Remember, there is no wrong time to contact us!

  • ‘From working life to family leave and back – Family leave guide for employers’ contains information that you can use as an employer to facilitate the reconciliation of work and family in your work community and to promote the well-being of the entire work community.

    The guide summarizes the key issues regarding family leave, the law regarding which was renewed on August 1, 2022. It tells you what you should consider before the employee's family leave, during it, and when the employee returns to work from the leave. In the guide, you will also find example stories from companies and employers, from which you can get practical information about implementing family leave transitions.

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