ELY Centres promote the smooth functioning of the labour market by ensuring that the necessary employment services are in place and available to all those who need them. ELY Centres are responsible for developing and coordinating employment services and they help to promote employment opportunities and prevent discrimination and social exclusion by supporting TE Offices in their regional role. In accordance with their service pledge, ELY Centres make coordinated efforts to ensure that all statutory services are available to all customers of TE Offices. TE Offices are responsible for providing the services.

  • The National Telephone Service Jobline in English
    Tel. +358 295 020 713
    (from Finland 0295 020 713)
    E-mail: tyolinja@te-toimisto.fi
    Information on employment office services and guidance for persons seeking work in Finland

Immigration and integration and employment of immigrants

ELY Centres are responsible for regional tasks in the field of immigration, integration and good ethnic relations.

They include:

  • issuing regional guidelines concerning work permits for foreigners
  • tasks concerning the integration of immigrants
  • providing information for immigrants who want to become entrepreneurs
  • promoting ethnic equality and non-discrimination and 
  • providing information on the European Refugee Fund (ERF)

Together with other players, Employment and Economic Development Offices are responsible for providing measures and services promoting and supporting the integration of immigrants who have registered as jobseekers.

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