Strong demand for ELY Centre development services


Business development services are expert services provided by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) to help SMEs develop their companies. The ELY Centre may grant a company 1-2 days of its Analysis Service for mapping out the company's the current status as well as its Consultation Service for small-scale development measures. Consulting services are available for a total of 15 days every three years. By using these services, a company gets a good set of resources from an external expert with which to achieve success in a changing world.

The Analysis and Consultation Services are also suitable for self-employed persons and can be granted without restrictions on the sector.

Cuts to prices during the corona outbreak

For the duration of the corona outbreak the price of an analysis and consultation day has been reduced from 300 euros to 30 euros + VAT. The price reduction has worked in the desired manner, with the majority of applications coming from private business operators and small limited liability companies. The ELY Centres have received a total of 906 applications and made decisions on 591. Services have been granted totalling nearly EUR 2 million (VAT 0%) in value.

Companies can apply for the Analysis and Consultation Service at the same time as they apply for the Situation Analysis, which is part of the ELY Centre's Corona Funding (business development aid in the event of market and production disruptions). The Situation Analysis, which is part of Corona Funding, supports the company's salary costs, for example, while the company plans new business opportunities. By using the ELY Centre's Analysis and Consultation Services, a company can gain external insight and experience to support the preparation of plans. The different forms of support therefore complement one another effectively, but a company must apply for them with separate applications. The ELY Centre will assist a company in selecting a suitable consultant.

Päivitetty: 12.10.2020