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Welcome to the Talent Coastline website!

This picture shows a situation in a room with three people. Their faces are covered to protect their privacy. The room has a calm and concentrated atmosphere, suggesting a working or study environment. One person is in the foreground in a blue sweater and appears to be working somewhere outside the picture. The woman in the middle, with blonde hair, is concentrating on a computer screen with a yellow pad.

The Talent Coastline ecosystem is a form of voluntary cooperation and partnership between stakeholders and companies, under which different actors develop Talent Boost actions and services in Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia. We work to support and promote international recruitment, internationalising work communities and diversifying activities so that the region and companies can remain viable now and in the future. This site gives you information about activities and services for employers, stakeholders and for international talents.

ely-updated 05.02.2024