Talent Coastline

Boosting Growth in Ostrobothnian Regions


Problems with the availability of skilled labor have become more common in almost all industries and in almost all regions. In the coming years, Finland will need more experts than what its own population can offer. The Government's immigration policy program for 2018 outlines that Finland must strengthen work-based immigration and the establishment of international experts, as well as channeling their expertise to support the growth and internationalization of companies.

The Ostrobothnian regions are constantly cooperating together to develop services and boost the opportunities for employment as well as the business life of the regions. Through the Talent Coastline Ecosystem, the following projects were created in order to promote and sustain the growth by attracting, recruiting and retaining international talent.

Talent Coastline Employment

The Talent Coastline Employment project is the result of the excellent employment situation in Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia, which contributes to a labor shortage that can hinder the growth of companies.

The Talent Coastline ecosystem coordinated by the Ostrobothnian ELY-Centre has brought together actors in the region to solve the shortage of experts through international recruitment. The regions have strong international education organizations in both the higher education and vocational education sectors. International experts from training organizations are needed in the region to serve the business community, and this requires the support for companies in terms of international and licensing skills, language skills, marketing and, in particular, shaping attitudes.

Educational organizations, regional provincial associations and representatives of state actors such as the ELY Center and the TE Office and AVI are involved in the project. Local companies, the Chamber of Commerce and business organizations have sent a strong message on the the need for services, coordination and cooperation. The companies involved in the project, Wärtsilä and Barona, operate in an international environment and provide an important opportunity for public-private partnerships in employment and recruitment. The involvement of third sector actors in the international Erasmus Student Network and the Auroras network supports the project's objectives of strengthening retention in the regions.

The project focuses on strengthening the language skills of international professionals and supporting their local networking. It aims to support and develop the international recruitment of employers through targeted training and communication with employers. Its purpose is also to provide better coordination of public authorities as a tool for service design as part of the information, counseling and guidance services for international experts, and to implement these services in support of international recruitment at local and regional level.

Talent Scout

The Talent Scout project takes place in the areas of Pietarsaari/Jakobstad and Kristiinankaupunki/Kristinestad. The background to Talent Scout is the fact that it is far more challenging for smaller places to attract a skilled work force, mainly due to their location.

The aims of the Talent Scout project are to increase the region's skills base, improve access to a skilled work force, make it easy and attractive for immigrants and returning migrants to make decisions on their establishment, and to strengthen regional, national and international networks.

We cooperate with employers who need to recruit skilled workers, training centres and other organisations, and the target groups are both potential returning migrants and other skilled workers, national as well as international.  By highlighting good examples of successful resettlement and content on the region's positive sides to accommodation and life in general, quality of life, for example, we want to create a greater holistic approach to attracting people to businesses.

The Talent Scout project is being implemented by Kristinestad's business centre in collaboration with the Jakobstad Region's development company Concordia. If you have any questions, ideas for cooperation, or want to discuss these, please contact our project manager:

The Jakobstad Region: Heidi Matinlassi, heidi.matinlassi@concordia.jakobstad.fi tel. +358 50 433 8458.

More info about the region:

Kristinestad: Kaisa Mäkinen, kaisa.makinen@krs.fi tel. +358 50 357 2510.

More info about the town: 

Project Facebook page: Live & Work in Kristinestad

Kokka Kohti Suomea

The Central Finland Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY) has been granted funding for the implementation of this project. The project is called Kokka Kohti Suomea and it implements the government's Talent Boost action plan. The goal of the Kokka project is the closer interaction of immigration, employment and business policy , and the dissemination and consolidation of good practices. The primary target groups of the project are services aimed at promoting international recruitment. The secondary target group is foreign employees as well as employers who recruit foreign experts.

The goal of the project is to secure the growth of companies in growth centers by promoting the recruitment of international employees to the Finnish labor market. In addition to increasing attractiveness, supportive placement services are needed to enable long-term settling by engaging the spouses and family members of skilled workers who have come to work. At the same time, efforts should be made to get international experts already in the country interested in Finland's opportunities and to support them in settling down. In addition, employers will be supported in lowering the recruitment threshold for foreign experts to work communities. In order to make it possible to attract international experts to the Finnish labor market, work communities must be trained to make it even easier and on a larger scale for the employers to get excited about recruiting foreign experts.

Nationwide, the Kokka Kohti Suomea project, in cooperation with Business Finland and urban areas, implements measures to increase Finland's attractiveness. The project will produce land marketing material that will be used by regional projects. At the national level, the project also supports the organization of various recruitment events. In addition, the project will pilot public-private cooperation service solutions for SMEs, which may include, for example, assistance with entry authority issues, relocation and housing services.