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Webinar: Workers’ rights in Finland – 11.11.2021 at 17-18

Webinar: Workers’ rights in Finland
Time and date: Thursday 11.11.2021 at 17-18
Target audience: Non-Finnish speaking employees and jobseekers. Professionals and volunteers working with immigrants.

To register for the event please click here:

The webinar gives you basic knowledge of workers’ rights. This will help you to make sure that you will be treated right and equally in Finnish work life. We will also tell you what to do if you face problems at work. For those who work with immigrants, the webinar will give know-how to guide immigrants in work-related situations. The webinar is in English.


  • Working hours and annual holidays
  • Wage and salary
  • Employment contract
  • Equality
  • Problems at workplace – What can an employee do and where to get help?

During the webinar, you can ask questions about the topics above in the chat. The link to the webinar will be sent to you via email after you have registered. The webinar will be recorded, and the recording can be watched on this website after the event.
The webinar is free of charge and open to everyone.
The webinar is organized by the divisions for occupational safety and health of the Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI).

Event web site: http://www.tyosuojelu.fi/live10