Why Do We Need International Talents?

Why do we need international talents, and why is it important to recruit international labour?

International mobility brings competences and skills that many employers seek and need, such as the ability to work in multicultural teams, to create networks, adapt in new situations, think outside the box, as well as a stronger curiosity, innovation, tolerance, cultural knowledge, language skills, and a more global mind-set.

On a local level, employing international talents will increase innovation and boost the economy, by providing the local businesses with original, modern and global solutions and opening possibilities for their growth, which would bring opportunities for export and raise the local employment rate.

Case Devatus

Devatus in a nutshell: Devatus is a developer of digital services. A full service partner, whose expertise is based on years of experience and on the personal enthusiasm and creativity of our employees. We enable digital transformation for leading global companies – with data analytics, IoT, digital service development and cloud solutions.

What were the intentions and motivations to hire internationals in your company? 
There is a purely continuing need in the industry for skilled programmers. Some have come here to study and have found us during/after studies. We work with global client projects in English, so language is no problem here.

How has the presence of internationals affected your company?
International employees bring a lot to our company culture: professionalism and quality, integrity and humor. They value their work.

How many employees do you have, and how many of these are international employees? Where are they from?
We are total 46 people with our subsidiary company Fliq. International employees total 5 and they are from Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Australia.

Give some advice to the local companies: for example, what are the benefits of hiring talent from the international pool?
Just dare to hire experts from abroad, they bring a lot good to company culture.

EOJD recruitment event - Prohoc Case

The European Job Days is a platform managed by EURES, where companies all over Europe can post their vacancies and connect with potential talent through the online recruitment events and fairs that are organised all year round.

This platform is a great way for companies to be noticed and attract the right type of workers from a wider pool. Find out more in the Contacts section, to the EURES responsibles in TE-services.

What were the intentions and motivations to hire internationals in your company? 

Prohoc operates in the industrial investment projects in fields of Energy, Oil&Gas, Mining and Process industry. The projects are located all over the world (so far in 110 countries) with global customers. 

Having multinational team with various backgrounds, competences and knowledge of languages is definitely an asset for the company. For instance, Russian or Spanish language skills are valuable in the projects that are executed in the countries using primarily these languages. Also, possibility to connect with people from different backgrounds will foster the personal development of employees and enrich the organization culture.

How has the presence of internationals affected your company? 

Presence of internationals have boosted positively the general atmosphere of the working community and the whole organization. Personnel have been able to learn from each other. There have been good lessons learned e.g. from Chinese creativity, Spanish enthusiasm or Finnish organizing skills – which enables empowerment of co-workers in Prohoc. However, when having various cultures in a company it is important to appreciate it. For example, in Prohoc we have been celebrating Chinese New Year and everyone loves it!

How many employees do you have, and how many of these are international employees? Where are they from? 

Prohoc has approximately 130 employees and about 20 of them are international. We have employees from China, Croatia, Iran, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Portugal. Prohoc's goal is to hire more internationals and expand the recruitment to cover the whole Europe.

Give some advice to the local companies: for example, what are the benefits of hiring talent from the international pool? 

Not limiting hiring actions to a domestic talent and hiring from international pool radically increases the reachability of potential candidates. It will also expand the vision and grow maturity of the company. Having multinational team allows us to serve your global customers best possible way. It is always good to get more perspective!

Hanken International Talent™ (HankenHIT)

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Tools & Services for Companies

Here is a list of tools and services offered by different organisations, which will help companies find international talent.

  • TE-services ( webpage on the EURES tools to employ workforce form abroad (Information available in Finnish, Swedish, English)

  • Regulation of work permits ( Information available in Finnish and Swedish.

  • The EURES ( is a platform that connects employers and jobseekers all over Europe, making it easy for employers to find the talent they are looking for by simply registering and advertising the job position, or participating as exhibitors in the online fairs.

  • European Job Days ( website, where companies can register as exhibitors, or post ads about vacancies and open positions

  • Jobs in Finland ( platform from Business Finland ( where companies can register their open positions. Please notice that this platform is for positions that do not require any Finnish or Swedish language skills. You can find the contact information of the responsibles for Jobs In Finland in the Contacts page of this website.

  • Talent Explorer ( funding. This funding is available for companies that are seeking new export markets for a product, service or business model by hiring an expert. The company may be in its early stages of internationalization or already operate internationally. Information available in Finnish, Swedish, English

  • Our LinkedIn group is a great source of networking, with almost two hundred members from the international pool, the public and private sector, the education institutions and more.

EURES ( offers tools to find skilled workforce from Europe, find out more on their website

Jobs In Finland ( webpage for employers