Finnish-Russian Traffic Safety

Cross-border road traffic safety 2012-2014

Finnish Transport Agency and Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Southeast Finland together with Russian road transport experts implement the project "Cross-Border Road Traffic Safety" during the period 2012–2014. Target areas of the project are Leningrad Region in Russia and Southeast Finland. The overall objective of the project is harmonization of road safety principles on trans-bordering roads passing through built-up areas in Finland and Russia. 

The project aims to strengthen regional and local sustainable road safety as well as the sustainable economic development in south-eastern Finland and the Leningrad Region of Russia. The project will support and reinforce the EU (Finland) and the Russian cross-border cooperation. The project aims to facilitate safe and smooth flow of people, goods, services and investments as well as to support economy of the region. Specific objective of the project is to improve traffic safety of the vulnerable road users (pedestrians, bicyclists and schoolchildren).  

Among the specific objectives of the project one can mention:

  • know-how transfer from the Finnish project partners to Russian project partners concerning traffic safety risk management as well as principles and technologies of sustainable road safety
  •  transfer of best road engineering practices  and know-how of economic justification of road traffic safety improvements from Finnish to Russian road designers
  •  identifying the road sections of high accident risk in Leningrad Region;
  •  implementation of some pilot (demonstration) projects in Leningrad Region as examples of physical improvements of the road environment and monitoring their impacts on traffic safety
  • public participation to involve population into process of improving safety of urban environment
  •  road traffic safety programming for the Municipalities of Vyborg District and Vsevolozhsk District
  •  carrying out the Cross-Border Road Traffic Safety Study in the Southeast Finland.


Logos and text: this project is co-funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.