Application attachments for young farmer start-up support

Attachments for start-up support for young farmers

The application for start-up support for young farmers should have attached the following documents for the assessment of the conditions for receiving the aid:

  1. Draft deed of sale, lease agreement or similar document of title
  2. Business plan on form 3430 and related financial statements
  3. Bank loan commitment on form 3311
  4. Tax information:
  • A copy of the applicant's and the transferor's tax form 2 (agricultural tax return) for the last tax return submitted prior to the initiation of the application
  • A copy of the applicant's latest tax decision
  • A copy of the tax forms with which the applicant has reported their income to the tax authority in the year preceding the initiation of the application
  • A reliable statement of changes in income if they have significantly changed or will change from the amounts recorded in the text documents. If these changes are based on changes in the employment relationship, an employer's certificate must be provided.

5. School or qualification certificates and written report of the employer’s testimonial as well as employer’s testimonials that significantly relate to the business operations.

6. Copies of the quotes for machinery, equipment and animals to be procured within one year of the support decision or other proof of the personal property to be procured

7. If the applicant is an organisation, the application must also include:

  • The income statement and balance sheet
  • If the applicant is a company registered in the trade register, an extract from the trade register and, in the case of juristic persons, and the organisation’s articles of association
  • In the case of other private or public organisations, a statement of persons with the right to sign and the signature of the shareholder receiving control of the organisation

Forms and attachments for business plans

The business plan must be drawn up using either form 3430 itself or the content model contained in this form. The business plan is also the development plan for the applicant's farm and includes the financial calculations for the proposed area of support.

The business plan must contain at least the following information:

  1. Information about the support applicant
    • Age
    • The applicant's professional skills or actions to be taken to supplement these skills;
    • The applicant's permanent place of residence and place of work for any person receiving earnings from outside the farm
  2. Regarding the initial status of the farm:
    • Basic business information and an account of the management of the farm or organisation
    • Persons engaged in the farm’s operations and the employability of the operations
    • The farm’s production buildings, machinery, agricultural land and other resources and their use and suitability for the operations within the support application
    • Cultivated areas and yields for plant production
    • Livestock quantities and yields for domestic animal production
    • Primary marketing channels for primary products
    • equivalent data (from sections a–f) for forestry and other business activities
  3. Information on the measure to be supported
  4. Information on the development of the farm's activities (including development phases and associated measures) and the development objectives as well as assessments of operational development and the marketing opportunities for the main products
  5. Farm income statement and balance sheet in which depreciation and balance sheet values are calculated in accordance with section 9 of the relevant government decree (240/2015) as well as the key figures based on these, including as a minimum the net profit ratio, entrepreneurial income and equity ratio.
  6. The entire farm's liquidity plan, which, in addition to agricultural income, must also take into account the applicant's non-agricultural income
  7. Information on the applicant's total annual income, including the necessary calculations
  8. Information on other factors necessary for the implementation of the measures and the impact on the production conditions of the farm in terms of the working environment, production hygiene, animal welfare or protection of the environment

The reference period for the calculation of sections 5 to 7 must cover the year preceding the year of application, the year of application and at least six financial years following the year of application or, if the management of the farm will begin after the support is granted, at least the initial year and the following five financial years. The calculations and reports must be based on the accounting data for the two financial years preceding the application or other such reliable data. The person making the calculations must present the bases and the source material for the forecasts made. The start-up and investment aid granted for the liquidity plan is to be entered as income for the years in which the grants are expected to be paid.

A risk assessment must be carried out if the costs of the new construction or expansion investments exceed EUR 100,000.