For employers

Pan-European support

TE Services belong to a pan-European public job mobility network (EURES), which makes it easier and faster to find skilled jobseekers wherever they may be.

For employers, EURES provides a comprehensive recruitment and training service, the core principles of which are reliability and uniformity. EURES works with private training organisations and makes use of their expertise to improve the skills of recruits.

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Wider range of international recruitment services available

TE Services support employers in recruiting skilled labour from abroad by offering services at the various stages of the recruitment process. Since the autumn of 2015, the range of services has included a number of new language and cultural education services for employers:

  • Finnish language and culture training provided in the country of origin of international recruits
  • Workplace Finnish or Swedish lessons in Finland
  • TE Services can also provide professional skills tests for recruits.

The services are subsidised by the European Social Fund and the South Savo Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, which cover 50–70% of the costs. This leaves employers to pay 30–50% of the costs.

For more information, see our brochure (PDF), or email us at tyovoimanliikkuvuus@ely-keskus.fi

Training providers' details and presentation videos


Esite palveluistamme (pdf). Päivitetty esite löytyy pian myös ruotsiksi ja englanniksi.


Tietoa de minimis-säännöstä ja de minimis-ilmoitus (pdf).


Rakennerahaston sivut


Kiinnostaako henkilöstön kouluttaminen ja valmennus?


Ota yhteyttä tyovoimanliikkuvuus@ely-keskus.fi tai jätä soittopyyntö