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Boosting Growth in Ostrobothnian Regions

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Regional labour market

Due to the excellent employment in the Ostrobothnia ELY Centre area, there is a large shortage of experts in the companies in the region. We need employees in a number of different fields, at different levels, in Central Ostrobothnia and Ostrobothnia. 

Shortages of experts are particularly common in social and health care tasks and in the construction and restaurant sector (Occupational Barometer 1/2022). Investments in the key sectors of the energy and chemical industries in the region predict a growing need for skilled labour.  

The companies in the region estimated that the shortage of experts would be specifically targeted at manual labour (survey of the Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce 2021). Another special feature of the ELY Centre area in Ostrobothnia is the need for seasonal labour for primary production tasks.   


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