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European labour mobility services for employers, businesses and jobseekers are being promoted by means of the Finnish employment and economy administration's ESF-co-financed Labour Mobility in Europe project in 2014–2020.

Among the most important objectives are to ensure the availability of skilled labour and to promote labour mobility from Finland to Europe and from Europe to Finland.

TE Offices' public European job mobility services (EURES) are being complemented by new services aimed at increasing international recruitment among employers and businesses. The new services cover training in the country of origin, workplace Finnish and Swedish lessons, international work community training, and professional skills tests.

Businesses and employers will, in the future, have access to increasingly tailored and customer-orientated services.

Both private individuals' and businesses' access to services will be improved by organising a range of online events, fairs and interviews to support recruitment. International mobility services will also be given a more visible presence in social media.

The ability of TE Offices' staff to support their customers in matters relating to international mobility will be improved by means of education, training, workshops, and networking.

The Labour Mobility in Europe project is being coordinated by the North Karelia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment under the guidance of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and in close cooperation with the TE Offices' national EURES network.

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